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Oceancash is the largest felt fabric manufacturers in South East Asia, driving solutions for a massive insulation segment producing resinated and thermoplastic felts for interior and exterior trims in automobiles, air conditioning compressors as well as thermal insulation in buildings including roofs, ceilings, walls and partitions. Our felts contain up to 80% recycled fibres ensuring flexibility, stability and compressibility for outstanding thermal and insulation performance.

What is Felts?

Felt is a form of matted material produced by carding, compressing and binding short natural and synthetic staple fibers together using techniques that involve heat, moisture and pressure. There are 3 categories of bonding methods in felt manufacturing;

1) Mechanical Bonding – Needle punched Felt
2) Heat Bonding – Thermal bonded Felt
3) Chemical Bonding – Resinated Felt

Felt sheets is a unique engin­eering material with properties that can be controlled and varied for a wide range of applications such as sound and heat insulation, vibration damper, cushioning and padding.



Felt is commonly used for a wide range of automotive applications for superior driving experience. Being one of the largest resinated and thermoplastic felt fabric producers and suppliers in the market, Oceancash is your ideal partner in developing customised, sound-absorbing and weight-reducing acoustic felts

Oceancash Felts are fully adaptable to meet your requirements to repel water and be rendered as  fire retardant fabric. Our high-quality, precision-made solutions are perfect for special applications in the vehicle’s exterior or in the engine compartment.

Air conditioner

Air conditioning plays a big role in our lives to ensure comfort and well-being. Our top quality insulation pet felt are used as acoustic isolation absorber for compressors of air conditioners and can be enhanced with various chemicals to achieve flame retardancy.


As a manufacturer of fibreglass mesh, Oceancash provides solutions across multiple applications within the building insulation sector to satisfy the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly materials. We produce thermal and acoustic insulation for roofs, ceilings, wood-facing panels, and partition walls.

- Dbtex ceiling board

Our dBtex ceiling board is designed specifically for heat and sound insulation in pitched roofs, attics, and suspended ceilings. We offer the perfect solutions for effective thermal and acoustic insulation—which perfectly fits the basis for a healthy and ecological home. With our dBtex solution, electric bills for air conditioning can be significantly reduced, home comfort improved, and the value of your home increased.

Apart from dBtex’s exceptional stability, we also contribute to environmental protection because our products are made from 80% recycled cotton fibres and are 100% recyclable.


Oceancash felts provide the freedom to create optimal bedding solutions by fusing cutting-edge design, pristine manufacturing, noise reduction, durability, and comfort.

Our high-performance felts can be specifically tailored to meet your bedding needs–from basic comfort to the ultimate in mattress luxury.

Work with us and take advantage of our team’s extensive experience in this ever-changing bedding industry.


Our high-performance carding technology assures precise opening and accurate blending of resin or thermal bonded fibers. Our team of experts guarantee that Oceancash Felts meet the specific application requirements for each valued client.

Oceancash Felt’s list of general characteristics are as below:

Density: 250g/m2 to 3000g/m2.
Thickness: 3mm to 150mm.
Width: 250mm to 2000mm.
Length: As per customer requirement
Material: Recycled/Reclaimed Cotton Fiber, Recycled/Reclaimed Polyester Fiber, Polyester Staple Fiber, Glass Fiber, Jute Fiber, Phenolic Resin and Low Melt Fiber.
Capacity: 7,200 MT/A
Feature: Air Laid, Cross Lapper and Vertical Technology (lapping)

Semi Cured Felts
Application: Insulator Hood, Insulator Dash Outer, Insulator Cowl Top, Tunnel Absorber
Product compliance: TSL3608G, DTSL3608G, 7414Z-SNA-0000, ES-X62224, WSS-M99P32, ISC-C93-005, MES PA 68601

Fire Retardant Felts
Application: Sound dampener for compressors of split unit air conditioners.
Product compliance: UL94 standards.

Thermoplastic Felts (Mouldable & Non-mouldable)
Application: Insulator dash panel inner, floor carpet underlay, dashboard insulator, roof pad insulator, door trim lining, trim pillar lining, trunk compartment lining, parcel shelf lining.
Product compliance: TSL3505G, DTSL3505G, ES-X62216, 7285Z-SB2-0000, ISC-C93-004.

Oceancash Felts Quality Maxim

To beat your opposition, make great quality your mission.

Quality control

Oceancash manages to achieve consistent advances in terms of our quality and process with the help of our customers’ audits and assessments. Customers’ evaluation and rating of Oceancash Felts are of immense significance to our company’s success.

ISO9001 certificate

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