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Oceancash Pacific Berhad​
The Oceancash Group has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1997. Mr. Tan Siew Chin and Mr. Lo Pong Kiat co-founded the business from a modest resinated felt and nonwoven manufacturer operating in rented premises and grew it into one of South East Asia’s leading supplier in both segments. Over the period of over 20 years, the Group has extensively diversified its range of eco-friendly products and services with customers all over Asia and Europe.

The listing of Oceancash in the Malaysian Stock Exchange has enhanced our capabilities to meet the escalating demands of the hygiene and automotive industry.


Tan Siew Chin

Executive Chairman & CEO
Member of CIMA & MIA

Tan Wey Chien

Executive Director
University of Manchester
Member of CPA Australia & MIA

Tan Wey Chung

Executive Director
University of Liverpool
Member of CPA Australia & MIA

Fong Wai Leong

Independent Non Executive Director
Member of MICPA & MIA

Ngiam Kee Tong

Indepedant Non Executive Director
University of Malaya

Crystal Yong Mei Yee

Indepedant Non Executive Director
University of Queensland
Member of CPA Australia & MIA

Mah Yit Mui

Member of ACCA & MIA

Lor Seng Thee

Group GM
UNSW Australia


Oceancash is the largest felt producer in South East Asia and the second largest manufacturer of nonwoven fabric in the region. We take great pride in our work and the prolific relationship with our valued customers. At Oceancash, we support our customers every step of the way which made us a preferred industry partner.


We are constantly expanding and currently support a workforce of over 200 people in Southeast Asia. Oceancash only hires the most friendly and reliable employees to maintain our customer satisfaction and guarantee a pleasant experience.


To promptly serve our customers across the region, Oceancash Group owns and operates nonwoven and felt production facilities in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


We’re proud of the loyal customers that support us through our manufacturing and help us continue to grow into leading industry fabric providers. Our customers represent extensive global consumer brands within the hygiene and automotive markets.


All business entities under the Oceancash Group are 100% owned by Oceancash Pacific Berhad which is listed on the Bursa Malaysia stock exchange.

Core Values

Oceancash Group believes that expert customer service and high-quality material production stem from solid core values. As a company, we are dedicated to our success but refuse to compromise our morals. We will continue to expand our line of innovative solutions within the hygiene and automotive industries.


We do the right thing - even when nobody's watching. We conduct our business uncompromisingly in all circumstances so customers are satisfied with their purchases.


A smooth work environment is a safe one. Our employees collaborate to identify areas to improve upon across our company and products to promote continued success.


Loyalty and trust build strong and long-lasting customer relationships. Our transparency fosters a safe, welcoming environment supportive of all thoughts and ideas from employees and consumers.

Our History

The increased heat and sound insulation demand in the 1996 automotive air conditioning market encouraged us to open a felt-making company. Before we were Oceancash, we operated under Ekounion Sdn Bhd and produced felt with a single machine in a rented unit in Cheras Jaya, Malaysia.
Noting the growing need for nonwoven fabrics, we established Eternal Triumph Sdn Bhd to diversify our product line. This move increased the supply of premium nonwoven materials for the hygiene industry.
2001 & 2003
To merge Ekounion Sdn Bhd and Eternal Triumph Sdn Bhd, all our owned companies were grouped under the newly established Oceancash identity. This came with a relocation to a well-equipped headquarters in Bandar Baru Bangi and enabled us to expand market research, meet growing product demands, and plan for future expansion.

Oceancash Pacific Berhad debuted on the prestigious ACE Market of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). Its initial public offering occurred in August of 2004 when the company began trading under the ONCASH ticker symbol. This move was intended to increase our visibility and access to a broader investor base, thereby unlocking new opportunities for sustainable growth and long-term value creation.

We made the easy decision to expand our Oceancash Felts production facilities to Bekasi, Indonesia, to strengthen our position in the region. This strategic move significantly reduces our lead time, thus enhancing our competitiveness in the automotive market and providing consumers with high-quality felt with less hassle.
To further increase our competitiveness and customer satisfaction in the Indonesian automotive industry, we relocated our production facilities from Bekasi to Cikarang. This brings us closer to key automotive clients. In addition, our new production hall, warehouse, and lab showcase our commitment to further growth, bolstered by adding our second felt machine.
2016 & 2018

Oceancash introduced a new spooling facility in Southeast Asia, improving our capability to export bulky nonwoven materials to foreign customers, especially those in the booming premium hygiene market. Further, we launched an embossing and perforation facility to enable us to deliver highly specialized products and services to our valued customers.


Our tremendous growth in the automotive and hygiene industries prompted the company's transfer from the ACE to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. This is a testament to our company's unwavering commitment to upholding the highest corporate governance and transparency standards, which has earned the trust and confidence of investors, customers, and stakeholders alike.

Oceancash expanded its felt production facilities into Chonburi, Thailand, strengthening its presence in the Southeast Asian automotive market. This move allows us to meet our customers' needs better, take advantage of skilled labor, and invest in state-of-the-art production facilities for continued growth.
We added a new cross-lapping felt production line in Malaysia, making Oceancash capable of meeting the demand for high-quality insulation products in the automotive and bedding industries. This move reflects our commitment to serving customers and expanding our capabilities to remain competitive.

The extensive upgrade of our production facilities in Malaysia and the investment of a new Spunlace (Hydroentangled) nonwoven machine have ensured our continued competitiveness and capacity to produce distinctive goods of the highest calibre.


The development of a cross-lapping and vertical felt production line in Indonesia has enabled us to launch a greater range of products in the automobile sector. We are now able to make felts with superior acoustic performance to suit the expanding needs for high-quality products in the region.

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